heather [alive before post occupation soirée]

from by anarchojam

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this is the product of the conversation available in the report of our full meeting


a conspicuous transcript reads as such:

imma take your things
i got ya with my doing

ooooohhhh heather
ooooohhhh heather
eyuieoaoiaiuuu heather
eyeyeuueieieoeiuuy heather
everybody please be good be yeaaaa
ah you're playing hard to get

heather munroe-blum
heather munroe-blum!
heather yeahhhh
i wanna take stuff from you
yeahh oooohh there's a wind blowing way by you

spit! spit! spit! spit! spit!

got the mic
there it is
suck it why?
when it comes to politricks
i don't give a shit
when i watch tv
i'm paralyzed
heavy notes
that i get em up
like a calm balm
i'm the one of the fuckin'
pullin' to the beat,
i can't get enough
it's just my lovely
do you trust
what is a calm balm?
i fuckin' got some!

so i pull
and i hear it too
hear me out motherfuckers
my hallelujah must be upbeat
must be me or the street, g
...naw man not my style
i say "oh shit" and then give it a while
yeah i'm the kinda bit sure
they got my name in x-files
i believe it's legit and a smile
yeah well you mean what is going on
i'm not a fuckin' pawn!
¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿&i'm not yr fkin pawn??????????
i'm not a fuckin pawn!

i will try to impress
with my look the beat and the hooks
when i feel i'm fuckin losing
freestyle on from the emcee
hmb, baby you're no emcee yo
turn the radio station
dont pay attention
yall know that
stupid everybody now
i'm fly man
do you hear that, yo
yo yo
you can stop what you can stop, yeah yo
what i got, you can't stop, yo

i'm not a fucking crook!

had an insane pad
yeah heather!
your office looks kind of nice
YEAH heather
YEAHHHHHHH kind of nice

even up there
you go on
it was easy
we were on flag duty
people hear me,
they feel me high

you play the victim
and i don't know why

strings&voice: ethan feldman
spits: alex timmons
bass: pádraig wray
beats: derek tyrrell

original first take of this anarchojam is available at
with riot porn from 10 november 2012
after militarized pigs entered mcgill university
with stunning and glorious high-definition footage


from fifth floor, released December 17, 2012
everything you have heard about our love is true
released 27 november 2011
tracks remastered and rereleased on 17 december 2012
mixed and mastered by heather munroe feldmoon
at the hippy shack on 16 december 2012
with special thanks to:
marijuana, alcohol, nicotine




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