oh, smashing!

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just do whatever
just focus on whatever happens

i know

oh stick up oh please oh
i - i - i've got to leave
i - oh please dont leave
don't go
oh we know
don't go

in fact if you go
if you go they go and
they'll get you up and
so it goes
and if you dont go go
then you reap
what i know
what you know
what you sow

yeah you know

oh your papa knows

woh oh oh


oh oh it's another class
yeah it's another joint
let's get high on that

if don't know shit
in time to try oh
only know time will teach you that
oh it's so loco
oh oh oh

we built them up
we keep it go go
it's not to show
we can't get low

it's about the people down street
don't treat them bad
people on the floor
or people in the crowd

so how'd i get here
with all this shit?
that's how it goes
and love thyself

you know we built them up
and down they'll go

well like
yes you know
yes i know
you know know know know
yes i know
that steam is incredible
yes love me like that
thats so so that's so many
you yes you know
and will see
how it will be
the blessed are many
how do i know? oh oh
the blessed are many
oh oh

voice: pádraig wray
bkgrnd voice: ethan feldman
string: derek tyrrell
bass: gamliel kalfa
beats: ethan feldman


from fifth floor, track released November 27, 2011
everything you have heard about our love is true
released 27 november 2011
tracks remastered and rereleased on 17 december 2012
mastered at the hippy shack on 16 december 2012
with special thanks to:
marijuana, alcohol, nicotine




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